Harvey Aughton

Death In a Square

Death In a Square  by Harvey Aughton
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fiction Fiction
For readers of:Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, Roald Dahl
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Publication Date23/02/2017
About the Book

There has been a crime. No one in the city knows if the man who is to hang tomorrow, or the next day, is the culprit. Guilty or innocent, it is a torrid time to be the accused.

It falls to a woman, of low standing, to shed light on the city, and the people in it.

Arguments ensue, corners are cut, the city plows through the night.

About the Author

Harvey Aughton lives in New Zealand. While studying at University, he writes stories.

The stories stem from a passion for Neuroscience and Anthropology. Though they are influenced by academic observation of society, an unquenchable passion for fantasy novels, myths and folktales have led to stories mixed up in science, philosophy, and magic.

Underneath every story, there is something unexpected, and untold by anyone else, though that does not mean stories are meant only to be told once, by a singular individual. what is stolen is taken with the knowledge that something new is supposed to be created.

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