Howard B Cohen

Escape From Vietnam

Escape From Vietnam by Howard B Cohen
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fiction Fiction
For readers of:Vietnam War Fiction, Dennis Foley, Raymond Hunter Pyle, Michael O'Shea, karl Marlantes
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Print Length256
Publication DateSeptember 12.2018
About the Book

After the Vietnam war Nguyen Thi Lan rose from humble beginnings to become one of Vietnam’s most influential women. Now Lan and her granddaughter are being hunted by the Peoples Public Security for prodemocracy activities. For in communist Vietnam, the most serious crime is advocating democracy. Those that do are considered enemies of the state. Imprisonment, torture, and execution await those unfortunate enough to be arrested.

In hiding, with no means of escape, she turns to her ex- American lover, James Britton, for help as repayment of an old debt. As he now travels to Vietnam he knows it was a debt, whose details were only known to Lan and himself, that must be repaid.

About the Author

The author is a graduate of the Airborne school at Ft.Benning and the Unconventional Warfare school at Ft. Bragg. He served with the 7th Special Forces Group at Ft. Bragg and the 5th Group in Vietnam. His other works include a book of poems about the Vietnam War experience entitled“ No Slack Authorized “.

He is now a retired physician living in North Carolina with Maria, his wife of 42 years. His

time is spent volunteering, kayaking, golfing and visiting family.

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