Heather Caliri

Five Tiny Ideas for Managing Anxiety

Five Tiny Ideas for Managing Anxiety by Heather Caliri
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About the Book

Ever feel anxious?

Ever feel anxious about how much anxiety you feel?

Getting tired of that vicious cycle?

Mood disorders like anxiety are the most common mental health problems; and according to experts, they’re highly treatable. But once you’re in the grip of your fears, it can be hard to see straight, much less take action to calm yourself down.

In her approachable, encouraging mini-course on anxiety, Heather Caliri shares tiny, transformative steps that will help you:

  • See your anxiety with new eyes,
  • Forgive yourself for struggling,
  • And choose self-care strategies with grace and a sense of humor.

Written by someone who used to freak out about everything from ordering pizza to having an honest conversation with her family, this quick read offers practical tips and strategies for everyone carrying the burden of ever-present fear.

About the Author

Heather Caliri is a writer and shy artist from San Diego who loves British murder mysteries, advice columns, and hot breakfasts. She uses tiny, joyful yeses to free herself from anxiety. Her writing has appeared at Christianity Today’s blog, iBelieve, SheLoves Magazine, The Mudroom, Brain Child Magazine, The Literary Review, and Relevant.com. She lives close to a library with her husband and two daughters.

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