Heidi Carlisle

Sexual Assault Watchdog: Survivor's Guide

Sexual Assault Watchdog: Survivor's Guide by Heidi Carlisle
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Publication DateApril 13, 2016
About the Book

This is the only book providing sexual assault survivors with an abundance of resources for free advocacy, free monetary assistance, free safety programs, free specialized mental health services, and lasting support. This is also the only book that will tell survivors about how to compensate for some of the gaping loopholes that exist in State programs designed to provide you with safety from rapists, stalkers, and violent criminals. The trauma of sexual assault and the heart-wrenching experience of secondary victimization inflicted by the rape culture and criminal justice system is something survivors do not have to go through. Learn how to navigate the criminal justice system and find a rape culture free environment to thrive in. Knowledge about the resources available to sexual assault survivors and overcoming the criminal justice system is empowering. Through my experience of being sexually assaulted on more than one occasion, seeking true advocacy, and having a burning desire to overcome a broken life, I overturned every stone to find happiness, safety, and support. Not one single person or specializing advocate I spoke with provided me with all the information contained in this book. It took years of intense research and experience as a survivor who truly wanted and needed to know. I also fought for my rights as a victim to the Supreme Court of New Hampshire and won. I am an independent survivor advocate who overcame the many obstacles that plagued my path to recovery and a better life. You get the benefit of my personal experiences, opinions, and true hope. I survived a seriously broken life. I know you can survive too! It is an honor for me to write this book for you.

About the Author

As a victim of sexual assault on more than one occasion and after years of dealing with the victimizations of society, law enforcement, and the criminal justice system, I found positive ways to survive. I also fought for my rights as a victim to the Supreme Court of New Hampshire and won. You will receive the benefit of my experiences and wonderful resources to lead you to a much better life. It is honor to help you!

Find wonderful resources for free assistance and survivor advocacy, as well as guidance regarding society, the criminal justice system, safety, your happiness, and more!

· Free: Survivor Advocates, Counseling, State Victim Compensation, Confidential Help For Bills & Housing, and Address Confidentiality & Safe At Home Programs

· College Campuses and Sexual Assault

· How Society Reacts: The Rape Culture

· I Believe You

· Recovery Is A Lifestyle: Eliminate Fear, Stress, Sadness, and Intrusive Thoughts

· How To Help Prevent Being Sexually Assaulted

· Possible Methods To Use While Being Attacked

· A System That Preys On Survivors

· Justice and No Justice For Being Victimized By The System: Benefits and Costs of Opposing Society's Victimization

· I Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now

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