Holger Wastlund

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Holger Wastlund has worked as a successful consultant for most of his professional life. He has been active in the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa, and Asia. He has helped many people to start new businesses, and develop existing companies. He has been an advisor to numerous individuals where he has been advising them on issues to do with career change and personal development.

Holger Wastlund has both worked as a solo consultant, and he has been CEO for one of Europe’s largest consulting companies. Several times, he has been hired as CEO in larger companies where they had intermittent problems, both in private and state-owned enterprises.

Holger Wastlund has published 15 books all of which are based on practical and proven advice and tips. Holger is passionate about developing people and helping others build their businesses. That’s why he is giving out this book for free. You can help Holger to spread this book to as many people as possible by recommending it to your friends and acquaintances, and leave a review on the site where you downloaded it from.

Whatever Holger writes in his book consists of practical and proven tips and advice. Should you wish to tell us about your experiences or get in touch with Holger for other reasons, you can send a message to holger.wastlund@gmail.com.