Irvine Syazyombo

My Ghost Centred Life

My Ghost Centred Life by Irvine Syazyombo
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For readers of:Ben Carsson, Napoleon Hill, Les Brown, Norman Vincent Peale
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Publication DateAugust 27, 2013
About the Book

This is a true story about my horrible experiences concerning ghosts that grieved and haunted me when I was a child. It was a harrowing childhood indeed. It is in fact understatement to describe it like that.Life was a nightmare to me because my home where I was supposed to enjoy sleep at night was haunted by horror. It was horror after horror which I did not deserve at all.

No one can deceive me that there are no evil angels in the world. I perceived their presence and horror myself.Horror incidents went on and on throughout my primary school days. It was like the perpetrator of evil did not want me to learn well at school by making life hell for me at home.

My dear reader, it was a childhood I cannot wish any one’s child. It was horrible. I have written this book so that if anyone is subjected to similar horror, the individual may seek the right remedy. I mean searching for God’s intervention and not otherwise. I am convinced that one day the creator of this universe will put an end to the evil angels’ activities in this world.

About the Author

Irvine Syazyombo is a journalist and author who was born on 12th September 1972 is Kalomo ,Southern Zambia.He has written for the Zambian media,especially 'The Times of Zambia' and 'Speak Out Magazine.Among books he has authored are 'The Twelve Roots of Evergreen Marriage',The Widow's Wounded Daughter', 'The Heartless Virgin'and '666'. 'The Secret Behind Students of Distinction' is his latest book.It points out to young people the right attitudes that determine outstanding examination results and a bright future.

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