Jacqui Pretty

For fans of:Michael Gerber, Jim Collins, Eric Ries, Seth Godin, John C. Maxwell

Jacqui Pretty is the Founder of Grammar Factory, a publishing company that turns entrepreneurs into authors.

She has a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Professional Writing and Editing from Monash University and over eight years of professional writing and editing experience. Since the launch of Grammar Factory in 2013, she and her team have worked with over 100 authors across a range of industries – including business, finance, health and wellness, travel, marketing, property, hospitality, law, photography, personal development and more.

Although Jacqui’s clients had a mountain of knowledge to share, she continued to encounter the same issues in the books she edited. Often their structures were convoluted, their content was repetitive and there were large gaps in the authors’ arguments, leading her make thousands of changes and cut thousands of words.

What frustrated Jacqui was that all of these issues could have been dealt with in the writing process, and this set her on a journey to create a system that any entrepreneur could use to write an awesome book, regardless of their writing experience. That system became the backbone of her Book Blueprint workshops and book, and is the same system she used to draft her book in just three days.

Jacqui has been invited to speak as a writing and publishing expert by The Entourage, Australia’s largest educator and community of entrepreneurs, and the Key Person of Influence program, dubbed ‘The world’s leading personal brand accelerator’ by the Huffington Post.

Many of her clients have become Amazon bestsellers, been featured on national television, landed paid speaking engagements and doubled their revenue. In short, she has witnessed first-hand the power of publishing to transform a business.