Jaffrey Clark

The Sword and the Promise

The Sword and the Promise by Jaffrey Clark
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fiction Fantasy, Religion
For readers of:Fantasy & Mystery/Thrillers, J.K. Rowling & Rick Riordan, J.R.R. Tolkien & C.S. Lewis, Donna Tartt & Sibel Hodge
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About the Book

A peerless blade. An ancient promise.

For nearly eight hundred years, the exiles of Amilum have battled their immortal foe and fellow exile, Mornoc. They have survived life in the harsh Lowlands. They have waited to see if the Promise will be kept. Only a few have truly believed. Most have settled for exile. Many have despaired, joining Mornoc in his endless quest to rule the Lowlands. Now, after fifty years of baiting his enemies into complacency with his silence, Mornoc readies his forces for one final war. Creedus, the last true warrior among men and bearer of the Sword of Amilum is now an old man. He must pass the Sword to another. Is his young grandson, Corred ready to lead, to wield the only weapon that Mornoc has ever feared? Can he even survive what is coming?

If Corred fails, only the fulfillment of the Promise can save them.

About the Author

I don't remember a time when I was not seeing the world with two sets of eyes: what was in front of me, analytically, and then the imagined beyond.

From an early age I was the one in the family pining for more TV, movies, often strange movies, reading Lord of the Rings far too young, and pretending to fight invisible foes. As I was told later, it was common to see me in the back yard, by myself, with a stick, fighting back hordes of enemies. Any fantastic movies I did see only gave me new and deadly fighting skills.

The world of fiction reading was one I loved to visit everyday growing up. Reading was encouraged in my family, but I hardly needed any. C.S. Lewis' writings - all of them - including Narnia and his Space Trilogy (which I also probably read too young - That Hideous Strength scared the whits out of me in places), Tolkein's Hobbitt, LOTR, and Silmarillion were my fantasy staples, but I was a big reader of classics, with Sherlock Holmes a favorite among the mix.

Writing started almost as early as my imaginative wanderings. The desire and attempt write a novel didn't become as real until my college years, and as soon as I had graduation from Penn State in my sites, I started writing my epic fantasy series, "The Reaper's Seed."

My writing desire and practice ebbed and flowed until 2014, when after mailing an unknown number of query letters into the great void, I self-published. And now you can read my imaginings, sometimes for free even. Hmmm, . . . what else about me?

I am a family man, a lover of my wife, children, and family at large. I'm a Jaff of all Trades, Master of None, really. I like endurance athletics, swimming as my staple, gardening, chickens, health and wellness, spiritual matters, ethical matters, some politics (too much is infuriating), I dabble in song writing, and, full circle . . . I write stories.

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