Ultimate Bedhead

Jamaica Dyer

Ultimate Bedhead by Jamaica Dyer
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Formats Available PDF 12.7MB
nonfiction Arts, Comic, Fantasy
For readers of:Dame Darcy, Bryan Lee O'Malley, Paul Pope, Bill Watterson, Ralph Steadman
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About the Book

A collection of diary comics from 2012 chronicling the artistic process, going to shows, going to work, and documenting clothing.

About the Author

Oakland-based artist designing and illustrating for graphic novels, animation, gaming and fashion. Freelance work includes music and fashion clients such as SPIN, Noisepop and Nooworks. Published two graphic novels "Weird Fishes" and "Fox Head Stew" and appeared in anthologies including Dark Horse Myspace Presents and the Comic Book Guide to the Mission.

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Ultimate Bedhead by Jamaica Dyer
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