Out of the Cage

James Dargan

Out of the Cage by James Dargan
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For readers of:Roddy Doyle, Kurt Vonnegut, Elmore Leonard, Tom Robbins, James Ellroy
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Print Length31 pages
PublisherDanny Boy Books
Publication DateMarch 21st, 2013
About the Book

De Lacy has just got out of prison. His crime is a dark secret he wishes to keep that way. Alone, he must find himself again in the world - a world where he used to be someone respected. Now he is little more than a human stain, existing because that's what one does when one's alive.

A black comedy/mystery story which mockingly describes the little man's fight against the rest of the world.

Out of the Cage is a 12,000-word short story.

About the Author

James Dargan was born in Birmingham, England, in 1974. Coming from an Irish background, he frequently writes about that experience. As well as England, he has also lived in the United States, Ireland, and - for the best part of fifteen years - in Warsaw, Poland, his home from home from home.

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Out of the Cage by James Dargan
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