Jane Duncan Rogers

Gifted By Grief: A True Story of Cancer, Loss and Rebirth

Gifted By Grief: A True Story of Cancer, Loss and Rebirth by Jane Duncan Rogers
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nonfiction Biographies, Religion
For readers of:Memoirs, Biographies, Grief, Death, Bereavement
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Print Length346 pages
PublisherLiving Well Publications
Publication Date1st September 2015
About the Book

Having had no children, Jane’s greatest fear comes true when she is left alone in the world after her husband, Philip, dies from stomach cancer. Gifted by Grief is the story of how they cope with the diagnosis and what emerges for her after he dies. She describes how, two and a half years on, after all the grief and loss, she ends up stating something she would never have believed was possible: she is grateful for the loss of her husband. How can this be?

Musings about the meaning of life and death, including excerpts from Philip's blog posts and Jane's journal entries at the time, are interwoven with funny, poignant and insightful stories. This gives a unique insight into one of the most challenging times a relationship can face.

Filled with golden nuggets of wisdom for the reader to pick up and use as they wish, this book introduces the idea that within all grief there is a gift awaiting discovery.

Truly inspiring, this is an excellent bereavement book, as well as for those suffering grief and loss from other causes.

About the Author

Jane Duncan Rogers, author of Gifted By Grief: A True Story of Cancer, Loss and Rebirth, believes passionately that society needs to be more open about grief, death and dying. She says, “To be sticking our heads in the sand and finding these topics difficult to mention is complete madness, given we are all going to be affected by them sooner or later. It’s my intention to open up conversations about these topics and bring them out of the closet.”

Having worked for over twenty five years in the personal growth industry as a counselor, psychotherapist and group leader, and owned Oxfordshire’s largest complementary health clinic, author, coach and speaker Jane has helped hundreds of clients around the world to transform their lives and business. Since her husband’s death in 2011 she also brings her unique insight to those affected by loss of any kind.

Jane is known for her honest and refreshing look at life, which combined with her wild wisdom and natural compassion and understanding, makes it easy for her clients to open up and feel deeply heard. This allows the movement forward that is being sought, and the context for miracles to happen.

Jane originally trained personally in 1990 with Louise L Hay, founder of Hay House publishers and author of the famous book, You Can Heal Your Life ®. An award winning coach, she has worked all over the world with individuals and small organisations to help them adopt a very different way of living and working.

She published Choose Your Thoughts, Change Your Life in 1997, and co-authored with her husband, Philip Rogers, 60 Ways to Lose/Keep your Lover (2001). She has been writing a blog, Wild Wisdom, since 2009.

Jane is associated with the world-renowned Findhorn Foundation; spiritual community, eco-village and learning centre in the Highlands of Scotland. She sings and performs in a well-known womens acappella group and is often to be found on early morning walks in the woods, before her regular meditation practice in one of the sanctuaries belonging to the Foundation.

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