Janis Butevics

Think Grow Succeed: 7 steps to Money and Wealth

Think Grow Succeed: 7 steps to Money and Wealth by Janis Butevics
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For readers of:Jim Rohn, Napoleon Hill, Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins Bob Proctor, Robin Sharma Dale Carnegie
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PublisherJanis Butevics
Publication Date16.11.2015
About the Book

Discover yourself in a new way. Change your thinking and be the best person you can possibly be. Create millionaire mindset and learn secrets of the millionaire mind.

- You can live your life like average people -Go to school, get good academic education, find a good-paying job, work hard every day and live from paycheck to paycheck, create a family and die..

Or you can live your life like wealthy and successful people - Explore life every day, read books, be street smart, make money work for you, get rich, enjoy every day with your family and friends, live every second of your life without worrying about money, and create something historical and become inspiration for someone else.

- You only have to choose your plan. If you want live like wealthy people, this book will show you how to change your life and thinking in just seven easy steps. Increase your value, and learn how to make money work for you and start your financial planning. You will learn techniques that will help you reach any goal you desire...

About the Author

Janis is the person who is willing help you to achieve your goals and dreams.

He brought up in a small town, where everyone had "small town" mentality, but Janis always was looking for ways to grow and think bigger. He always thought differently from others. While friends were searching for job, he was out starting his own journey, businesses and trying different ways of creating passive incomes, so he could live his dream lifestyle.After high school Janis started to invest in his personal development (read books, listen to seminars) about success, mind power, how to produce wealth and passive incomes.By the age 22, Janis wrote his first e-book: Think Grow Succeed: 7 steps to Money and Wealth and created 61 day plan workbook, where you create your most important goals of life and achieve them. There he share all of his knowledge how to Think, Grow and Succeed.

Janis is really passionate about sports, he is also a member of YSOP International. He invite you to read and use his e-book as a resource to improve or change your life to better side!

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