Jasmin Hajro

Author of 24 books talks about upcoming projects & shows his desk

Author of 24 books talks about upcoming projects & shows his desk by Jasmin Hajro
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For readers of:Books for life & business improvement, Brian Tracy, Dan S. Kennedy, Les Brown
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PublisherJasmin Hajro
About the Book

Author of 23 books Jasmin Hajro,
tells you about himself, his desk, his work
in sales, his writing and his upcoming projects...
Quote : '' I forgot to say : you don't see me watching tv much
or being for hours on social media, or socialising for hours
with people I can't count on.....
I just work most of the time, that's why I have written
a lot of books''
For Jasmin's books visit : http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/jasminh...
And for his Ebooks visit : https://www.kobo.com/nl/nl/search?que...

And when the audiobook is ready, get it at : https://gumroad.com/jasminhajr...

About the Author

My name is Jasmin Hajro, I am the founder of establishment Hajro & foundation Giveth Life. And the author of 40 books, which are available (in Dutch & English)in 190 countries worldwide. Establishment Hajro specializes in direct selling sets of birthday greetingcards. We now have self designed gold colored Unique ones. And donates part of it's proceeds to more than 40 charities in the Netherlands. For more info visit www.hajro.eu

Before becoming an entrepreneur, I've had a successful career as a cook.After 10 years of reading, studying, taking courses, investing personally & professionally....I became a selftaught financial improvement specialist & share my patented financial systemwith you, in my first book Build Your Fortune.In my other books I share my knowledge, life experiences and business strategies,to help people improve their personal & professional life.  Get in touch with me at : www.jasminhajro.nl 

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