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nonfiction Children, Religion
For readers of:Mark Oestreicher, Andy Stanley, Reggie Joiner, Doug Fields, Donald Miller
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PublisherXulon Press
Publication DateJuly 14, 2008
About the Book

After many years of leading teenagers, I wrote this book. I wanted to create something to kick start discussions in small group. The chapters are short and after 5 chapters there are small group questions. The teenagers I've read it with actually read it. Crazy, I know.

HALT! is my first book and it's full of stories and observations from my life and faith. I self published this book and still sell it at some events I speak at, but until now it has not been available as an e-book. I hope this will be a great resource for you, and any that you might be leading.

The book has 3 sections, each is about the journey of life and the collision of real life and God in the midst of that. Over the years, I've shared a lot of these stories speaking at student events and I continue to be humbled by how He has used it to help others in their life and faith. It's fill of some honest, fun, and embarrassing stories, but it's my life and I hope you'll enjoy it.

Please note that there are some warts to this, it's not perfect and has some mistakes in it. I've grown to like that over the years since that is true of our lives too.

My new book That Others May Live has been quite the journey to get to completion. The story behind the story is a book unto itself. As I ramp up to release that, I wanted to make this available to you.

Any "tip" is very appreciated as I navigate this crazy journey of writing and ministry. Thanks for checking out the book!

About the Author

Jason Carr is the founder and CEO of Legacy Now, Inc. I'm writing this, so it's always wierd to write in the third person.

Legacy Now exists to help students live a legacy. We do that by equipping leaders for lasting leadership.

Over the last two decades I've served full time with Campus Crusade for Christ and North Point Community Church before leading Legacy Now.

I currently live in my hometown outside of Atlanta, Georgia and am likely drinking way too much coffee.

HALT! is my first book, written primarily to be a tool to get discussion started with teenagers in the context of small group.

For info on my new book That Others May Live, check the site below.

For more information on Legacy Now, connect on social media, and wanna learn more about me, please go to www.legacynow.me.

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