Jay Swanson

Into the Nanten: the Record of My Exile

Into the Nanten: the Record of My Exile by Jay Swanson
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fiction Fantasy, Travel
For readers of:J.R.R. Tolkien, Tim Butcher, Joseph Conrad, Robert Jordan, G.R.R. Martin
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Print Length664 Pages
PublisherThe Northern Range
Publication Date7/5/15
About the Book

The Nanten is a jungle so hostile that to enter it willingly is considered suicide. This is the journal of Marceles na Tetrarch, a warrior currently exiled to the Nanten for murder. He goes in search of a man that he hates, who was exiled there 20 years ago: Brin Salisir.It’s rumored that Salisir went to discover a cult risen from the darkest dredges of humanity. What Marceles doesn’t know is if the rumors are true.


Into the Nanten originally appeared as a real-time fantasy blog at intothenanten.com, entries appearing daily, often with illustrations by Nimit Malavia. The story will resume with a second season starting 9/9/15.

About the Author

Creator of the world's first real-time fantasy blog, Into the Nanten, Jay has five published books with more on the way. He currently lives in Paris and is best described as a chronic transient. Jay loves running, pizza, and is a pro at Crash Team Racing. He'll race any challenger at the drop of a hat. Check out his daily vlog over on YouTube to get to know him better http://youtube.com/jayswanson

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