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The Top Ketogenic Diet Recipes 2017

The Top Ketogenic Diet Recipes 2017   by Jeremy Stone
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The Top Ketogenic Diet Recipes 2017

For years we were told that fats are bad for us and to be healthy we should eat more carbs. But as our knowledge of science and nutrition advanced, we now know fats aren’t as bad as we once thought! This is where the Ketogenic Diet comes in. Scientific studies now show the dangers and risks associated with simple carb diets. In this cookbook I have collected the best and tastiest Ketogenic Diet Recipes in 2017 to help you on your journey!See Less

About the Author

Hey it's Jeremy Stone coming from beautiful Toronto, Canada!

Being a shift worker always struggling with eating out I was always a little overweight. But it wasn't until one fateful day I was nervously sitting in my doctor's office that everything changed. That's when I realized that all the diets I tried before weren't the answer and I needed to stop listening to all the "experts". I was literally dieting my way to being overweight. Then it hit me. I failed in every diet I tried because it made me miserable. They set me up for failure. I knew I had to try something different. That's when I tried the Ketogenic Diet. They key was always having food around to eat even when I was at work. That's when I discovered Meal Prepping and made sure that I didn't go back to my old habits. A year later I lost 50 pounds using the same techniques that I share with my readers using recipes that not help you lose weight, but tastes great! Don't make the same mistakes I made. Eat food that gives you a body you love and a life that's actually worth living! To continued health and success, Jeremy Make sure to follow me on Twitter @JeremyStoneEats

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