Jeremy Strozer

For fans of:Robert Harris, Tom Clancy, Mark Twain, Studs Terkel, W.E.B. Griffin

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I write first-person emotional history in order to teach people to avoid the wanton waste of war. My inspiration comes from a love of story telling, an infatuation with history, and personal experience in war torn places. As a student of Twain, Griffin, Sharp, Guthrie, Terkel, Thoreau, and Harris, I believe all stories are best told from the perspective of the individual experiencing the event and that learning about history should be an emotionally driven experience.Therefore, I push the conviction that all history is simply a personal story, compounded and woven with the personal story of everyone else, throughout time.

Through education and luck, I helped remove unexploded bombs from war ravaged countries, stem the flow of the world's most dangerous weapons, and potentially reduce the likelihood of war between some of the world's most powerful countries.

Now, I simply seek to warn the world of the human cost of violence.