Johan Heinrichs

Audience of One: Discovering Ministry to God

Audience of One: Discovering Ministry to God by Johan Heinrichs
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nonfiction Religion
For readers of:A.W. Tozer, Piper, Mike Bickle
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Publication Date2014
About the Book

When the Father looks on us from heaven, what is He seeing? His people serving without any connection to His heart, or His bride captivated by His love and beauty?

Audience of One is about bringing Jesus glory and pleasure, not only as the reason for our existence but also as our primary calling in life and ministry. He cares about the intricacies of life, the small decisions and the big decisions we make. He wants them all to bring Him glory and honor. It's about the first commandment of loving God with all our heart, soul and mind. We are living in a time when society is becoming more and more self-centred and people are seeking fame, glory and a legacy. However, the Lord is calling us to make Him famous, to seek meekness, and to find ourselves in the secret place where we can enjoy Him and He can enjoy us. Johan not only shares this message but also illustrates it with stories of personal heart-level experiences. It is easy to accept that we need to give Jesus all the glory; however, it is a very powerful thing when this message strikes our heart.

About the Author

Since a very young age, I have had it in my heart to give my life to singing, songwriting and worshipping Jesus.

The Lord is raising up a movement of worship and prayer that is touching nations around the globe. I am privileged to give myself in a full-time capacity to being part of this growing movement. I am on staff at Sanctuary House of Prayer Missions Base (SHOP) where I serve as an intercessory missionary, worship leader, and internship director. SHOP is a community of worshippers and intercessors that endeavor to have prayer and worship rising from our city day and night until Jesus returns. I have been a part of the house of prayer since it’s inception in May 2006 and have been serving on staff for the last four years. I am convinced that prayer and worship are the growing need of this hour in which we live and that the Lord is looking for whole-hearted believers that will contend for revival and make Him famous. I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba with my wife of 15 years and my three children, Eli, Caitlin and Luke.

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