James Lee nathan III

CRIME-PHYTER by James Lee nathan III
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fiction Fantasy, Fiction
For readers of:Speculative fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal, Erotica
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Print Length192 pages
Publication Date11/12/2015
About the Book

This novella identifies a key missing point in the timeline leading up to Ibrahim Unites. I am offering it here as well as on my webiste, at a 50% discount (when you order Ibrahim Unites it is discounted at 50% and CRIME-PHYTER is free).

But I thought more readers would want the exposure to the 'NEXT LEVEL' so here you are.

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be” Lao TzuCRIME-PHYTER is a non-stop scifi trip, that spans three decades in the lives of four different people. All of whom are being manipulated towards one singular purpose, JUSTICE. Story 1 revolves around the discovery of a mystical plant in south America and the life of one Kieran Church. He loses his wife and son to street violence and when the court system fails to convict, he strikes out on his own. But that is not the end or beginning of Mr. Church's problems. Story 2 is No free rides. It begins with the savage assault on a female member of the special forces. But the perps and their protectors, did not count on the involvement of a friend of hers. His justice is swift, but it comes with a cost. Story 3 - I need an ALIBI, continues the story of Rachel Holt and her protector Paco, as the plant takes a full grip of both of their lives. The final story is all about regret. It is called Not 4 Nuthin; when a reluctant arms dealer sells access and arms to terrorists that attempt to blow up the World Trade Center in 1993, he seeks not only revenge but redemption. The mysterious plant is highly involved in the lives of all the main characters and the stories culminate in an unlikely conclusion. No capes, no masks, only JUSTICE

About the Author

James Lee Nathan III (JLN3), is the self-published author of two novels and nine novellas, spanning many speculative fiction sub-genres. JLN3 is best known for his scifi erotic crime drama series Robert Manis and No Brakes, both of which are bestsellers on the leanpub author platform. His latest works, CRIME-PHYTER, and Ibrahim Unites introduce readers to his Next Level Fiction experience.

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CRIME-PHYTER by James Lee nathan III
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