Joanne Nussbaum

For fans of:Anna Quindlen, Elizabeth Gilbert, Gretchen Rubin, Erma Bombeck

Joanne is a free spirited middle aged lady who enjoys life. Having traveled varied paths during the course of her life, she has filled many roles including sister, daughter, friend, play mate, girlfriend, wife, mother and now adds grandmother to this list! As one who often gets bored, Joanne has had many jobs and vocations including waitress, secretary, factory worker, family advocate, shelter manager, probation officer, house cleaner, gardener, ESL teacher, and most recently author. Her many varied experiences have earned her a little wisdom, a somewhat open mind, a curious nature and a great big sense of humor. She has had the opportunity to live, work and travel abroad in recent years and believes everyone has their own path to walk and should do so with enthusiasm!