Jocelyn Soriano

Poems Of Love And Letting Go

Poems Of Love And Letting Go by Jocelyn Soriano
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About the Book

"I see now that no person who has ever loved has ever been spared from tears. Tears of joy and tears of sorrow. Of the most  intimate union and of letting go."

Poignant, timeless and true. This book is a personal collection of poems about love and letting go. Whether it be a newfound love, a love that endures a lifetime, or a love that will soon be saying goodbye, one can find in these pages a dazzling mirror of one's own heart.

To love is to be rapt in bliss, to be torn asunder and to be made whole again.

"Heartfelt, genuinely crafted poems. The words come from deep within the poet's heart, leaving the reader gasping for more."
- Antara Roy O

About the Author

Jocelyn Soriano has written various self-help and inspirational books including “In Your Hour of Grief”, "Mend My Broken Heart" and “To Love An Invisible God”.  She is also a poet and a novelist.

She continues to share her many inspirations at her blog where she writes poems, prayers and other motivational articles. She graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy and worked as a CPA and Internal Auditor before going freelance as a writer.

Jocelyn is a bookworm and a coffee lover. She enjoys watching sunsets and taking a walk along the beach. She also loves music and can sing her heart out when inspired.

Her latest work is The Good For Nothing Boy, a story for children and adults alike.  

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