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The Pursuit - Audiobook

The Pursuit - Audiobook by JohnA Passaro
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For readers of:Anne Lamott, Randy Pausch, Mitch Albom, Victor Frankl, Anne Frank
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Publication Date01/24/2016
About the Book

For the longest time – I got it wrong…

I thought the ultimate achievement in wrestling was to win a State Championship…

It is not.

The ultimate achievement in wrestling is to prepare a young man for his life by having him become the best person he can be by acquiring the “Qualities of a Wrestler” while in pursuit of a state championship.

Acquiring these qualities is more important than winning a state championship.

They are what is needed to become happy and successful in life.

These qualities are acquired during the pursuit, and not in the winning.


This is a spoken word short - approximately 4 minutes in length.

About the Author

I always knew that I would write, I just had no idea how personal my first book, "6 Minutes Wrestling with Life", would be to me.

I love to inspire, to motivate and show a different approach to solving life's problems through my writing.

As a former athlete and youth coach, I believe that sports provides valuable life lessons that when learned and implemented can have a tremendous impact on a persons life.

I write with anecdotes and quotes which have had an impact on my life.

I have been a member of the secret club called the "Life Changing Events Club" since August 21st, 2009.

I have viewed life differently ever since.

I believe that everything that we do and everything that happens in our life - happens for a reason.

Sometimes that reason takes many years to come to the surface - but it will, and if you are paying attention you will realize the magnificence of how the universe works.

Hopefully I have touched you through my writing and have stirred your emotions enough to live life more fully.

Everything matters.Every Breath Is Gold.

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