John Black

How It All Began - A Growlers Prequel: A Zombie Apocalypse Horror Thriller (Short Story)

How It All Began - A Growlers Prequel: A Zombie Apocalypse Horror Thriller (Short Story) by John Black
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fiction Fiction, Humor
For readers of:Neil Gaiman, Flint Maxwell, Scott Carson, Dean Koontz, Josh Malerman
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PublisherAmazon Publishing
Publication DateOctober 9, 2020
About the Book

The year is 1,000 AD, somewhere in Eastern Europe...

Rumors about disturbing sightings in a remote village spread, although the Church tries to keep everything a secret.

Is it just the ramblings of ignorant peasants, the work of the devil, or something completely different? An inquisitive stranger tries to solve the mystery in a discrete manner.

What he discovers nestled deep in the snow-covered mountains confirms his worst fears, and will lead to a gory and desperate battle between the living and the living dead. But who breeds this terrible threat?

Will a unit of elite soldiers manage to stop the spread of this powerful and strange evil?

This gripping short story can be read as a standalone.

How It All Began – The Birth of Folklore is a prequel to Growlers, a post-apocalyptic zombie thriller series set in the present day. The series follows a family as they struggle to stay alive and build a new life after a pandemic turns almost everyone into growling monsters. Would you survive the apocalypse with no guns, electricity, running water or any special skills?

About the Author

John Black has spent most of his adult life working in the entertainment industry, helping create virtual worlds.

Gamer, husband, father and pancakes enthusiast, more recently he followed his life dream of becoming a fiction author, writing in the horror thriller genre. His approach to writing is to go all in, keeping it fast paced and immersive.

John likes to think a lot of 'what would happen if' scenarios, and he will continue to explore the genre.

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