John Traynor

Unintended Matter

Unintended Matter by John Traynor
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fiction Fantasy
For readers of:Rick Riordan, Phillip Pullman, Orson Scott Card, Patrick Rothfuss
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Print Length 205
Publication Date12/5/2015
About the Book

Secrets and deception, bubbling just below the surface of an idyllic resort town. A secretive group conspiring to do harm. An ongoing assault to life, as we know it. No one was seeking answers, until an outsider arrived. A devastating crisis thrusts a group of new found friends into the midst of an cunningly arranged international incident.

A typical teen, living a normal life is thrust into a disastrous showdown. Lucas Logan is committed to discovering the answer to a perplexing, mysterious substance, before it can be used against the world.

While an enigmatic character, silently helps to advance a catastrophe planet-wide societal collapse, vows to annihilate anyone in his path.

Can an this insidious international calamity be adverted? Can they discover why a terrorist might try and cripple their local economy? In the course of an electrifying odyssey, can they save themselves from jeopardy, while derailing an innocence's wanton detention?

About the Author

John Traynor was raised in Southern California, on a steady stream of comic books and television. He moved on to science fiction books and movies. While a life-long reader of fiction, he has spent his life writing technical, and other non-fiction literature.

Now with his first novel, Unintended Matters, he combines his personal approach to writing, with his love of science fiction and fantasy.

His writing style takes into account the avid reader's desire for escape by being immersed into an imaginative tale, along with a movie goers simple desire to relax, and enjoy an exhilarating experience. If you would like to be notified of future releases, special discounts, and sneak previews drop an e-mail to

He currently resides in Chesterfield, Virginia with his wife, step daughter, two in-laws, a cat, and a Pomeranian.

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