Jonathan Malm

For fans of:Brene Brown, Ben Arment, Matt Appling

Jonathan Malm was born in the United States as a pastor's kid, and then grew up in Guatemala as a missionary's kid. While working on his Bachelors degree in Marketing, he began working for his church as a graphic designer. Eventually he became the creative director and had his hand in everything from leading worship to running the technological side of things. During that time, Jonathan developed a passion for the creative process and for helping churches effectively and creatively communicate. He launched multiple websites and blogs, along with the help of many creative voices within the Church, that explore every facet of church creativity. Those websites grew and he eventually made the transition to self-employment so he could focus on managing those projects.

Jonathan's had the privilege of speaking at many conferences and even directing Echo Conference--a conference for church communicators.

He's passionate about helping people think differently about their jobs and about creativity. He lives and works in San Antonio, Texas with his wife, Carolina, by his side.