Joseph Cottereaux

For fans of:Espionage, Robert Ludlum, Ian Fleming, John le Carré, Tom Clancy

Joseph Cottereaux once possessed a Top Secret clearance and spent most of his time in the United States Marine Corps overseas attached to the US State Department. He provided diplomatic security services and was deployed to a Presidential security detail. While Foreign Service Officers (FSO’s) often spent much of their time behind the walls of diplomatic missions, or at social gatherings with their foreign counterparts, Joe mingled with the locals as much as possible. He traveled, explored their history, culture, beliefs and customs.

Joe gained invaluable knowledge and insight into the inner mechanisms of the United States foreign policy-making and international perceptions of Americans in many countries. A voracious history student, Joe read everything from the ancient classics to modern government classified documents to speak intelligently on as many topics as possible in any social setting.

During his service, he developed language skills in Arabic, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Joe qualified as an expert marksman with the Marine Corps standard Colt M-16A1 rifle and the Colt Model 1911A1 .45 pistol. Trained primarily in demolitions, he also became an expert with a variety of weapons that included the Heckler & Koch MP5 sub-machine gun, the M-60 machine gun, Smith & Wesson .38 pistol, and Remington 870P shotgun.

After an Honorable Discharge, Joe obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business in three years and landed his first private sector job consulting for a technology company that serviced the government sector. Of all the candidates who applied for the position, the hiring manager decided on Joe because of his brand new leather attaché case, a gift from his mother. After Joe had learned the minutiae of government record keeping and fundamental technology principles, he moved on to work for several global technology firms. At one global technology company, Joe developed a sophisticated project estimation methodology later adopted worldwide as a standard tool for professional services. In a field where over 70% of technology projects failed, his management skills, coupled with common sense, led to a 100% project success rate on projects directly under his leadership.

Writing this book from an undisclosed location, Joe incorporated many of his experiences, skills, technology knowledge and problem resolution methodologies learned from over three decades of real world experiences. Joe would like to hear from you and he can be contacted at or The Athena Algorithm on Facebook.

Be safe and be well as the world can be a dangerous place.