J.W. Snootz

The Third

The Third by J.W. Snootz
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fiction Fantasy, Romance
For readers of:Romance, Sci-fi, Erotica, Thriller, George R.R. Martin, Stephen King, Aria Michaels, Elle Casey
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Print Length65
PublisherJ.W. Snootz
Publication Date07/01/2015
About the Book

The Third ~ The best things always come in 3's don't they? "A short twisted, total mind F***!" -E.H. Keegan has a long list of things to worry about in life, but LOVE is dead last on that list. Trying to figure out how and why you keep disappearing and ending up in different parts of the country. Coupled with how it all ties into The 3rd has to take precedence. Even when you would rather just fall in love and be normal. Sometimes the strange universe has bigger plans for you than your usual dark, back alley deals and stripper girlfriends. Something more is always at work, and running from it just does not seem to be working anymore. Where will Keegan end up next? Will the Third Sight finally become a useful tool or are all the twists and turns life throws going to be too much to bare? The best things in life always come in 3's don't they!? "The Third, a first step in paranormal shorts by J.W. Snootz is bound in the tradition of Stephen King, with the twists and turns of Dean Koontz, and a thought provoking laid out ending like the great John Grisham. Eclectic style and leaves you clamoring for more." Author L.S.

About the Author

J.W. Snootz has been writing since elementary school, never learning to print as a child, and having to learn cursive writing inspired me to write a lot as a youth. Writing a first novella at only 10, and staying in the 100 page realm for a long time, finally creating more elaborate stories was possible. Growing up all over the Midwest and traveling extensively you will always find some truth in all the stories I write. I feel the best stories should always include some parts of yourself, even if it is just in your characters or places they visit. Chicago has always been home, and the windy city certainly lends itself to the indoor activity of writing in the winter. In the warmer months you can find me with my family all of us out enjoying the beach along with the great experiences and culture the city offers. I love to write in a variety of different genres and enjoy reading a lot of different story types as well. I also love to hear from and interact with the fans and other authors so always feel free to say hi and share your thoughts.

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