Karen Cross

Banna and Bree Blown to Rwanda

Banna and Bree Blown to Rwanda by Karen Cross
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fiction Children, Fiction
For readers of:Darrel & Sally Odgers, Justin D'Ath, Dayna Lorentz
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About the Book

Banna and Bree is a children's junior novel for children 7-9 years old. This is the first book in a series of books about Banna and Bree. The story begins in the Okavango Delta in Botswana where

Banna and Bree live, but is set in the stunning jungle of The Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda.

While Banna and Bree are in Rwanda they learn first-hand of the plight of the mountain Gorillas and the constant threat of poachers in the Park. Banna and Bree live with the Park families and create friendships with Caeb the Chameleon and Jastin, the gorilla and the Mountain families.

When poachers threaten the lives of the Mountain gorillas, and in particular Jastin’s family, the Park animals unite to protect the gorilla families. They come up with a plan and implement strategies and are forced to put their plan into action when a baby gorilla goes missing. The animals excel in their hoof to hand combat in a life and death struggle for survival. Banna and Bree experience the challenges of the Park animals, the unique friendships that are quite heart-warming and humorous, and learn what true heroes will sacrifice for their mates. Banna and Bree befriend these magnificent endangered species, highlighting environmental issues and human impact on animal habitats.

About the Author

I am a registered teacher, having taught the lower grade,

reading recovery and learning support for most of my teaching career. I have travelled with my children since they were small and my ambition is to use these experiences and my future experiences to write a series of “Banna and Bree” books for children 7-9 years. While the characters and their adventures are fiction, the setting, the description of the countryside and the cultural elements are based on what I have experienced. My belief is to educate and expose children to the countries of the world so they feel a connection to people and animals and the issues they face and hopefully feel they could make a difference.

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