Regarding Dandelions Issue 08

Kari McElroy

Regarding Dandelions Issue 08 by Kari McElroy
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fiction Comic, Romance
For readers of:Terry Moore, Craig Thompson, Sean Kelley McKeever, Wally Lamb, Jennifer Weiner
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About the Book

Regarding Dandelions is a 30-something coming of age story surrounding a group of friends in Indianapolis. Told through flashbacks and present day narration, the series follows Ellie Martin and Jake Stanton and their social group as they navigate the struggles of life and relationships in the city.

Issue 8 finds Jake and Ellie facing his parents for the first time since his diagnosis. Their homecoming brings to the surface memories of Jake's childhood struggles as he deals with his parents' reactions to his illness.

About the Author

Kari McElroy is an Indianapolis-based artist and author. She enjoys live music, traveling, and sharing stories over a beer or two with friends. Her wry wit, easy laugh, and ability to move between comedy and drama shine through in her work.

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Regarding Dandelions Issue 08 by Kari McElroy
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