Kathryn Cable

The Greater Danger

The Greater Danger by Kathryn Cable
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fiction Fiction, Politics
For readers of:Bradbury, Tolkien, Hemingway, Shaara
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Print Length314 pages
Publication Date07/06/2018
About the Book

A fast-paced, suspenseful story of revenge, rebellion and the death of freedom

In a possible future, America’s collapse doesn’t come from an outside enemy but starts with the greater danger within. The cancer of injustice, hatred and division infects the United States. The newly formed Nationalists Party seeks secession by targeting major cities with home-grown terrorism. Their charismatic leader declares war by invading and occupying Texas. After a military coup in Mexico, the new dictator joins the rebels. In America’s darkest hour, following the detonation of the first of five nuclear bombs, a transmission is received from a mysterious woman, code name Alpha Charlie. She has vital intel on the rebellion’s secret operations. Is it a trap or a way to stop this nightmare?

War brings together two unlikely, combative allies, a feisty resistance fighter, Charlene ‘Charlie’ Perea and a battle-hardened, Army Ranger, Colonel David Cougar. Cougar’s mission is to get Charlie’s information to his superiors. But Charlie is not about to abandon her personal fight. She neither needs nor wants Cougar’s interference. Cougar must convince Charlie to link forces before the final invasion begins.

Caught up in their personal battles, Charlie and Cougar do anything to survive. Charlie wants revenge for her murdered husband. Cougar wants justice for his best friend executed by a rebel firing squad. They find a mutual goal; kill the man responsible - the Nationalists leader. When Charlie is captured, Cougar must risk his life to save her before time runs out, peace talks fail, and armies gather on the final battlefield.

A nation’s future hangs in the balance. Will America survive?

About the Author

I’m a storyteller. An overabundance of imagination and curiosity

created a writer. My stories are about the human drama of life and death, desire and love, anger and loss. I take ordinary people and put them in extraordinary circumstances. Then I watch how they respond. I focus on how my characters learn to overcome the obstacles that life throws at them while going through personal changes and growth. What we expected our story to be is not necessarily how it turns out. Life is full of more twists than a roller coaster, love is uncertain and risky, death unexpected, but we somehow make it through with hope, faith, and a bit of laughter. I’m also an artist. A graphic design degree is a big plus as it allows me to think visually as I write.

I retired recently from a 25-year career in public relations. Born in a small town in Colorado, my ever-evolving and demanding career allowed me to live in and travel to many parts of this country, working for unique employers, meeting interesting, famous and diverse personalities. Evidence of these influences and what I have personally experienced are present in my stories. Now settled in Texas, I enjoy painting, photography and working on my ancestral history.

My goal as an author is to share my stories with readers who enjoy an easy-moving book, an escape from reality or relates personally. These are the kind of topics I prefer in a book or movie for myself. Thanks for choosing my stories. I promise I’ll do my best to keep you entertained.

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