kazzie kennedy

For fans of:ficton crime romance suspence, Danille steel, jackie collins, VC Andrews

I am first and foremost a wife, mother, grandmother, mentor and life practitioner. I see myself as more a storyteller than an author perhaps its just I've been told my writing style is a tad unorthodox, yet colourful. I was once a broken child of abuse that abuse cost me half my life, lost years believing I could achieve nothing because I was worthless. I fought back and reclaimed my life then set about proving to know one but myself if I wanted something bad enough and if I worked hard and never gave up anything was possible. I spent the past ten years mentoring other adults lost from abuse and began to write my novels. However it is only now ten years after writing them do I feel confident enough to share them with the world.

My books have black and red covers sequentially power colours to my mind and the gun and gavel represents crimes and no justice on a personal level and the lead Character in my books a Lawyer for fights for justice.

I am a lover on music the arts and life in general. That about sums up this writer.