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time lies fate & family

time lies fate & family by kazzie kennedy
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fiction Fiction, Romance
For readers of:ficton crime romance suspence, Danille steel, jackie collins, VC Andrews
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About the Book

The story begins in Brighton Australia where internationally respected criminal defence attorney Storm Madison takes control of the courtrooms at the Supreme Court. Injustice her biggest enemy. As if life isn't complicated enough an innocent glance at a magazine article on adoption opens her up to a myriad of madness and mayhem. An unwanted intrusion into her personal space is to throw her into a world so filled with chaos, it will make the one she comes from look mild by its comparison. Storm Madison doesn't like to lose but can she win this one and live to tell the tale. Storm Madison suffered a horrific childhood yet she suffered in silence, telling no one, and yet she has never played the victim card, she is fearless and her past definitely defined the woman she became. She wears many labels placed on her by others, yet none you will find really to be anywhere close to who Storm Madison really is. Her once peaceful world is now spiralling out of control. One part of her life is opening up to emotions she has never had to feel, the other a danger so real, no one may survive. Storm learns many lessons none more real than trust. From taking in a street kid called Mickey, to dealing with her newly acquired father a Sicilian mob boss. Storm sees such potential in Mickey's eyes, yet he is hardened by the streets even at the tender age of sixteen. But Storm saw right through his swag and together they fight to give Mickey the life he deserved yet this is no easy task for Storm nor Mickey. Two American Attorneys are sent by a mafia boss who believes Storm to be his child, Daniel Costa and Nathan Reilly. Mr Reilly receives Storms wrath because of his blatant stupidity, Storm eats lawyers like Nathan for breakfast if they aren't on their game. As for Daniel Costa he was a tad different, ruggedly handsome and spoke with a manner of confidence without arrogance, and this was Daniels introduction into the world of Storm Madison he was terrified by her strength, yet mesmerised by her legal brilliance and her beauty. Both Storm and Daniel get more than they bargained for as together they go in search of the truth. Daniel struggles with Storm because of her brash and sassy way of going about things, afraid of nothing, and in control of everything, and yet his intrigue grows with each passing day. And Storm is beginning to ask herself what this man is doing to her as she begins to feel emotions she has never allowed herself to feel. Two crime families come up against each other after a kidnapping that goes horribly wrong. New allies are formed and the seed of trust is sewn. Who will be left standing as Storm, Daniel the FBI and Scotland Yard all work together to put right the wrongs committed against an innocent child? Storm Madison; Criminal attorney extraordinaire. She is feared and revered the world over for her immense and intense legal prowess. She has both style and substance, and is bewitchingly beautiful with her olive skin and jet-black hair, and, those famous, or as some would say, infamous green eyes. She is strangely unaware of her beauty; yet she is extremely aware of her legal presence. You will love to hate her, be angered by her ways, and yet at the same time be inspired by her moments of kindness. To call her complex would be an understatement. Come on her journey; I am inviting you.

About the Author

I am first and foremost a wife, mother, grandmother, mentor and life practitioner. I see myself as more a storyteller than an author perhaps its just I've been told my writing style is a tad unorthodox, yet colourful. I was once a broken child of abuse that abuse cost me half my life, lost years believing I could achieve nothing because I was worthless. I fought back and reclaimed my life then set about proving to know one but myself if I wanted something bad enough and if I worked hard and never gave up anything was possible. I spent the past ten years mentoring other adults lost from abuse and began to write my novels. However it is only now ten years after writing them do I feel confident enough to share them with the world.

My books have black and red covers sequentially power colours to my mind and the gun and gavel represents crimes and no justice on a personal level and the lead Character in my books a Lawyer for fights for justice.

I am a lover on music the arts and life in general. That about sums up this writer.

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