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Men's Style Hacks

Men's Style Hacks by Keith Campbell
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About the Book

Men generally have far more important things to worry about than what to put on in the morning.

However, most men don't understand the impact what they wear can have on those "far more important things." In fact, scientific and sociological studies show that the right clothes can boost our psychology, physical state, and professional performance in ways that very few things can.

Written by celebrity stylist Keith Campbell, this practical guide offers 12 simple style tips for any man—regardless of their current fashion IQ. Keith has styled celebrities from Rihanna to Iman, but has made it his one goal in this book to help modern men take advantage of what they wear and use it as a tool to better their lives and the lives around them.

Download this eBook to learn men's fashion tips, such as:

  • • The easiest way to make a great first impression with what you wear
  • • How to revolutionize your wardrobe on the cheap
  • • Which clothing items to spend the most money on and which ones to not
  • • How to know clothes actually fit your body right
  • • How to identify clothes that will last and ones that wont when shopping
  • • How to avoid "trends," and create a more timeless, but fashionable, wardrobe

2015 is a new year. If you're one of the millions of men that could use a bit of practical advice on how to better take advantage of the way you present yourself, let this be your year to do.

Download the book now!

About the Author

Keith Campbell is a stylist who has worked with such celebrity clients as Rihanna, Iman & Selena Williams and corporate clients as Loreal, VH1 & MTV.

His passion is to help men better understand the power of being well dressed and to teach them how to take advantage of fashion to get out of life what they want.

He consistently contributes tips and FAQ's to

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