Kingston Temanu

For fans of:Donald Miller, Seth Godin, John Acuff, Jeff Goins

Okay, I am a believer, a son, and a "make good things happen" kind of guy. I also write and build things from time to time.

Three quick things:

1., If you believe that one person with goodwill can make a difference, then we are in league.

2., If you believe that the bleakest of days---when you feel down and out---are not the end, then we are buddies.

3., if you believe that our Maker above will come to the aid of anyone seeking to create value with a mind to serve others, then we are siblings. Thanks for stopping by.

My book "Get To Know Your Backyard Opportunity" is a simple alert to what we all have around us if we are willing to take initiative. The opportunity we often seek is not far fetched, but next door. If we go out with a sincere desire to use our gifts to help others in our neighborhood and challenge ourselves in the process then the opportunity is in our backyard. And the gains could be life-changing.

Read about my experience, the pointers I give, and get armed to get out there and give it a shot. And don't be surprised to surprise yourself along the way, pick up some skills, and come away with a story to tell. It all begins with the first step.

And my book "Start With A Story: A Mini Guide To Opening Your Book With A Tale" is about the power of stories. They have been long documented by many other people throughout history. But for this short guide, let’s focus on it’s power to open your book, to act as a door to your book, to usher in your reader, to be your first few words, your opening lines, your first paragraph, essay, or chapter. That’s what I want to delve into with this guide. If you've ever thought about using stories to start your book, blog posts,essays, and other writing pieces, this guide will introduce you to a number of ideas on how to do exactly that.

So start with compelling storytelling by getting this book (All in 49 pages).

Thank you.