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2018 Yearly Content Planner

2018 Yearly Content Planner by Kirsten Oliphant
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For readers of:Tim Grahl, Addie Zierman, Jen Hatmaker, Jon Acuff
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About the Book

Tired of working hard but not seeing results?

Look back at what has been working before you make plans to move forward. You'll learn to create strategies around your blog, books, and social media. Plus reverse engineer your monthly income to know how many book sales, sponsored posts, or clients you'll need.

About the Author

Kirsten Oliphant wrote her first novel in third grade on the colored pages of a Hello Kitty notebook. After getting her MFA in Fiction from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, she had five kids and set fiction aside in favor of blogging & non-fiction.

You can find her at, where she helps bloggers and authors learn to love platform-building. The Create If Writing podcast provides information and interviews with experts to help you navigate social media, email lists, and being authentic in a smarmy world. She is also the creator of the Free Email Course, which you can find at

You can read about food, family, & faith at Her husband is a youth pastor who would love to be a professional ultimate frisbee player. They live in Houston, where it is humid, but on the plus side, there are alligators.

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