K.J. Soze

The Message for the Last Days

The Message for the Last Days by K.J. Soze
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nonfiction History, Religion
For readers of:the Bible, Irenaeus, Justin Martyr
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Print Length372
PublisherK.J. Soze
Publication DateJune 17, 2019
About the Book

The future is revealed through understanding the past. This new book by K.J. Soze is a refresher course in biblical and historical studies along with being a revealer of inconspicuous details about the Bible; showing how it still applies to us today.
"The Message for the Last Days" explains the history and progression of end time prophecies found within and outside of the Bible. It reveals the original message compared to changes in culture over time leading to our vastly different modern interpretations. This new book explains how to get back to God's intentional gospel for the end of our age.

About the Author

KJ Soze is an independent publisher that provides detailed Biblical research of complex topics, such as the afterlife, then packages the results into a compact format to save readers time with their biblical studies. Books published by KJ Soze cut across various Church and denomination lines to find unity and clarity for those who hold differing beliefs. There is no religious association or affiliation with any denomination, Church or other organization to the books provided by the publisher. KJ Soze works under independent research outside of any bias within sects.

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