Kyle Heimann

A Manly Perspective: A Lady's Guide to the Other Gender

A Manly Perspective: A Lady's Guide to the Other Gender by Kyle Heimann
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nonfiction Humor, Religion
For readers of:David Sedaris, Jim Gaffigan, C. S. Lewis, Matthew Kelly, Dave Barry
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About the Book

Kyle unpacks the concepts of vocation, modesty, purity, and relationships from the perspective of a Catholic guy. With tiny chapters and humor, even the shortest attention will enjoy reading this micro book. The questions and challenges at the end of each chapter make it great to read alone, or with a group of girls.

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About the Author

Kyle Heimann is a Catholic with a short attention span and likes humor so he writes micro books that are short, and use comedy and quick stories to share important concepts.

Kyle plays ukulele, guitar, and kazoo. He travels around speaking and entertaining, while refraining from dancing (because people just can’t handle that much awesome/terror). He is a horrible baseball player, a mediocre barber, and was runner-up to be his college mascot. He is addicted to creating new things, whether it be music, graphic design, micro books, or children.

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