Jeremy Norton

LEAD WELL: 30 Days of Growth For the Biblical Leader

LEAD WELL: 30 Days of Growth For the Biblical Leader by Jeremy Norton
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Publication Date2016
About the Book

A true leader is determined to grow. And growing is all about seasons; a lot of work takes place before we can reap a harvest. This is why embracing biblical leadership is so critical for growth.

Regardless of your position, area of oversight or responsibilities as a leader, this book will provide an opportunity to focus 30 days on your calling as a biblical leader. In turn, you will experience the growth you need to Lead Well.

About the Author

I live in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. I serve as Lead Pastor with Whitehorse Baptist Church.

I have not taken the most direct career path to get me where I am today. Both in education and experience, I have moved in and out of the ministry and business worlds. I don’t believe this has been by mistake. God has clearly meshed these two career paths to provide me with some valuable insight into reaching and teaching others.

Over the past fifteen years, I have served in a variety of ministries; youth, college, men’s, small groups, outreach, missions, wilderness, camp, preaching and teaching. In contrast, I have also held roles in the marketplace, specifically selling and coordinating guest experiences within the Hospitality and Tourism Industry. These positions have particularly impacted my view on outreach and evangelism. I often find myself wondering how a guest would experience a certain church or ministry.

When I’m not working, I obviously enjoy writing blog posts or content for book projects. Moreover, connecting with other people energizes me; be it face-to-face or online through social media. I’m a podcast and audio book junky, based more in non-fiction genres with leadership content or How To themes. I like anything made by Apple and find myself dabbling in photo and video editing from time to time.

I’m an average guitar player and percussionist. I’ve always been involved in musicand church worship teams. My iTunes playlists carry a wide variety of genres, all depending on my mood or what I’m doing at the time. Spending time in God’s creation also refreshes me, so I try to engage in a wide variety of outdoor pursuits, depending on the season. And no matter what I’m doing, coffee is a staple. From high-priced espresso to gas-station joe; I’ve tried it all and I’m just happy to get a cup.

Lastly and most importantly, I cherish my time with my wife(Nicole) and our three boys (Jude, Luke and Mark). Outdoor activity with them is often the most memorable. However, some days, nothing’s better than a family movie night, with all four of us snuggled on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn.

I try to remind myself daily, that biblical leadership begins at home.

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