Leenna Naidoo

Settle Down Now revised edition Part 1 of 5

Settle Down Now revised edition Part 1 of 5 by Leenna Naidoo
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fiction Romance, Suspense
For readers of:Fantasy, Suspense, SciFi, Adventure, Terry Pratchett
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Print Length54
PublisherLeenna Naidoo/Learning To Surf Publishing
Publication Date1 March 2019
About the Book

Part One of the serialised version of the novel.
Ten years on from the events of Unsettled, Charmaine Donnet, now a billionaire, is in the spotlight in the most humiliating way. Her search for Mr Right is turning into a media circus, and Robert Hart is not far off in the horizon...
Part One introduces Charmaine when she learns of Joss’ plans for her, we are left wondering what really is Joss' ultimate plan for her. Meanwhile, Rob is looking to finance repairs to The Sunflower, and he can't help pondering why the name Charmaine Donnet is so familiar.

Set in South Africa and the Indian Ocean, with echoes of Rob and Charmaine’s previous life in Scotland, Settle Down Now moves from Durban to Richards Bay to the yacht The Sunflower.

Available as a full novel and in a serial version.


About the Author

Leenna writes cross-genre suspense, romance, and dabbles in sci-fi/fantasy. She also reads the tarot. Her short stories have appeared in The Mad Scientist Journal, SciPhi Journal and Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores. Her self-published novels include No Distance To Run and Settle Down Now. Her
attempts to channel Terry Pratchett-style fiction resulted in Quest For The Wholly Pale, part of FV Press’ Wizards In Space Storyverse™.

Leenna’s most unnerving experiences include: looking a red kangaroo in the eye, flipping pancakes for the first time ever in front of her class, interviewing Alan Dean Foster (even though it was via email), and teaching a hellhound how to share a biscuit. Sometimes she writes about these and other less nerve-wracking things, sometimes she doesn’t.

She blogs and shares updates on www.leennanaidoo.wordpress.com... www.leennascreativebox.wordpre... tarot resources and videos are shared on her Patreon and YouTube channels as Writerstarot With Leenna. Find more of her writers and creatives prompts up on https://university.storyshop.io/author/leenna-naidoo/

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