Leigh Lyn

The 8th Sky

The 8th Sky by Leigh Lyn
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fiction Fiction, Suspense
For readers of:teresa driscoll, dot hutchinson, rachel caine, S. j. watson, gail honeyman
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Publication DateMay 1st 2018
About the Book

When the puppet masters sacrifice the people to gain power, what would you give up to keep your sanity? Your integrity? Or your life?

Lin Lee, the lead architect of a science park project, wakes up at an asylum after 3 all-nighters fried her brain. She insists she has discovered a menacing plot hole in the narrative of her client’s charitable image. Through it, she saw a glimpse of a secret so horrific her mind can barely face. No one believes her. To restore her credibility, she starts a memoir. Venture with her into a bewildering expedition to her male-dominated homeland planned by ideology to discover the truth.

About the Author

Leigh grew up in Europe. She moved to Hong Kong where she won the Young Architect Award in 1999. She is now an assistant professor teaching courses in Design and Architectural Practice. Leigh is also the proud mother of a college-age daughter, a passionate cook and a collector of kitchen gadgets. When Leigh is not writing or drilling her students, she's either chilling with friends or attending to a teacup poodle named Muffin G. Barker Brown.

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