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Make Book Trailer Vids by Linton Robinson
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For readers of:Carl Hiaasen, Donald Westlake, Elmore Leonard
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You can spend a lot of money to get videos to promote your book...Or you can do them yourself FOR FREE and very possibly get better results. Your creativity and awareness of your book and audience can produce vids that are more shared than the boring "all the same" book report style stuff the video-mills turn out. This is a job skill for writer-publishers... and if nothing else will teach you how to make fun vids for your kids or own enjoyment. All programs are free and the list of free resources such as clips, art, and music have been called the best part of this popular ebook, now available to you for FREE.

About the Author

Born in Occupied Japan, schooled in Asia, now a 25year resident of Latin America, Linton Robinson's status as a born outsider is reflected in his books. Robinson worked as journalist for years, winning awards and placing articles in top American magazine and newspaper markets. This was followed by a brief career as a photographer, also with credits in top markets. He then moved into mailorder catalogs, with noted success, before switching to newspapers in Mexico and Guatemala.

His syndicated columns "Flesh Wounds" and "Weekend Warrior" were cult favorites in the nineties. He is currently working on novels and screenplays and doing videos.

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Make Book Trailer Vids by Linton Robinson
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