Living Wilderness: Perspectives

Kevin Ebi

Living Wilderness: Perspectives by Kevin Ebi
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nonfiction Arts, Science
For readers of:Frans Lanting, Galen Rowell, Art Wolfe
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Print Length148 pages
PublisherLiving Wilderness Nature Photography
Publication Date2014
About the Book

Perspectives is the first of four portfolios from Living Wilderness, the first comprehensive fine-art collection of Kevin Ebi's nature photography. Produced over 14 years, the book features photography from throughout North America, Iceland, and New Zealand. In addition to featuring the complete first portfolio from the published book, this special ebook also includes extended samples of the other three portfolios.

About the Author

Kevin Ebi fell in love with nature early in life; it took many more years for him to discover his passion for photography.

Growing up, Kevin went on many outings with his parents to Pacific Northwest parks. As an adult, he began carrying a camera on hikes so he could show others what he saw, but over time discovered that the patience and keen observation photography required helped him appreciate nature even more.

His images are used regularly by major calendar and greeting card lines and have appeared in a wide range of publications including National Wildlife, Smithsonian, Lonely Planet guides and Outdoor Photographer.

He has authored or co-authored four photography books, including Year of the Eagle, which shows how eagles learn to fly and start families of their own and Running in Circles, which tells the story of the cycle of water by figuratively following a drop of water from the ocean to storm clouds to the Arctic ice to mountain lakes and rivers.

He lives near Seattle, Washington and has photographed more than half of the United States, as well as Canada, Mexico, Iceland and New Zealand.

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Living Wilderness: Perspectives by Kevin Ebi
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