L.L. Barkat

InsideOut: Poems (1/4 of book)

InsideOut: Poems (1/4 of book) by L.L. Barkat
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nonfiction Arts, Biographies
For readers of:Rumi, Pablo Neruda, Mary Oliver, Basho, Jane Kenyon
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Print Length130
PublisherInternational Arts Movement
Publication DateDec 2009
About the Book

Milkweed bursts with silken seed. Crushed almonds scatter like spilled cinnamon. A child clips basil at the tender neck, after a family friend passes away. Love is swallowed in moondust, bared in cherry rose. Across the landscape of human experience, can 'inside' really be disentangled from 'out'?

Divided into four seasons, this collection chronicles one full year in the poet's life—a year spent outdoors daily for at least the time it took to drink a cup of tea, but often for up to an hour or more. The year yielded an image-rich, surprising, sometimes amusing set of insights. Nature, combined with solitude, is a true teacher and a curator of delights.


I remember the scent

and how you crushed them;

brown skins

turned to dust,

scattered like spilled cinnamon.


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About the Author

Author of six books including Love Etc.: Poems of Love, Laughter, Longing & Loss (2014); The Novelist: A Novella (2012); Rumors of Water: Thoughts on Creativity & Writing (Twice named a Best Book of 2011). Blogger for Huffington Post Books. Poems have appeared at Every Day Poems, VQR, Best American Poetry, and NPR.

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