Rachel Lang

Heart of Stone - Namesake Chronicles Book One

Heart of Stone - Namesake Chronicles Book One by Rachel Lang
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fiction Fantasy, Religion
For readers of:J.R.R. Tolkien, T. Brooks, P. McCusker, C.S. Lewis, F. Peretti
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ISBN 978-0992077310
PublisherRachel Lang Books
Publication DateSeptember 2013
About the Book

Unable to face the truth, Ree doesn't want to believe that it was her fault - she is simply a victim too. How can one death cause so much strife? Yet the more she tells the lie, the more she no longer remembers what really happened. Will the darkness consume her - or will she ever find freedom of her own?

Trying to forget the gruesome life he once led, Wilder would do anything to protect his daughter from ever knowing that part about himself. Yet this becomes difficult when he is forced to return to what he once did for the sake of his country. Will he ever be able to leave the past behind?

Living without a home, a family, or friends seems to be his lot in life, but when Treas is sold into slavery he loses all hope of ever becoming anything more than a slave. His childhood dream of a bright future is forgotten and now all he can do is pretend to be better than he is. Is it escape he longs for - or death?

In a land governed by a foreign, harsh king with an iron fist, rebellion is just below the surface. Will anyone be brave enough to fight for a better life - for freedom?

About the Author

Rachel Marie Lang

I have lived all my life in Orillia, Ontario. I am the youngest of four children. I have been educated at home. I am dyslexic but have a great desire to write - it is a constant struggle for me to get my thoughts onto the page in a readable way.

I began writing my first book, Heart of Stone, in early 2012, and spent nine months filling many notebooks. I am now working on the next book, Heart of Lead, which will be part 2 to my first story. I am in the final edits and look forward to publishing this book later this year. I have always enjoyed stories, and spent my younger years listening to my father read aloud from a wide variety of library books. I am a big fan of Adventures in Odyssey by Focus on the Family. I very much enjoy listening to audio books and theatrical productions of books. Since being able to read myself, I have enjoyed many of the historical fiction books from my church library. Some of my favorite authors are CS Lewis, JRR Tolkien, F. Peretti and T. Brooks.

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