The Ribbon: Volume One

Marc Alvarez

The Ribbon: Volume One by Marc Alvarez
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fiction Fantasy, Fiction
For readers of:Timothy Zahn, C.S. Lewis, Shirley Jackson
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Publication DateJan. 11 2015
About the Book

The Ribbon is ageless, boundless, and undying. Its inhabitants are as diverse as they are sequestered. There are only two constants in a world where oblivion is just beyond the horizon; an uncanny reverence for the sun and the machines that provide a servant like devotion to any who ask. The Ribbon volume one collects twelve stories set in this enigmatic world of metal and light.

From the bizarre forms of work and entertainment that take shape in a world where no one goes hungry, to the struggles of both young and old to find a way to be remembered, the focus of the Ribbon becomes sharper, but its mysteries deepen. Its heroes are replaced and forgotten, while its enemies are ignored or trivialized. The Ribbon is utopia created, but a darkness hides in the shadows.

About the Author

From Phoenix Arizona

University of Arizona class 2009

Master in Liberal Arts from Baker University

Lives in Texas