Maren Meriel McCaffrey

Chasing Shadows (Book One)

Chasing Shadows (Book One) by Maren Meriel McCaffrey
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fiction Fantasy, Romance
For readers of:paranormal romance and urban fantasy, J.R. Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Laurell K Hamilton, Gena Showalter
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Print Length439 pgs
Publication Date08/28/2014
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In CHASING SHADOWS, book one in the Sisters of Shadows and Moonlight Series, you are invited to explore a secret world lying just below the surface of our own—a world where Werewolves, Faeries and Vampires live, love, and die amongst us. The race of man is face to face with the stuff of our fondest dreams and darkest nightmares. Safe havens have sprung up to accommodate this untapped market of magical beings. Open-minded humans or the merely curious mingle in safety with the objects of their fascination. One such place is Club Mystic. Owned and run by twin sisters Mistral and Allie, it quickly becomes a hotspot for the disparate races to meet, mingle and ogle each other. But would it still be considered safe if the patrons knew of the ancient feud that is rising to engulf the sisters? This is a tale of vengeance among the gods, motives as dark as the deepest abyss and a heartbreaking tale of love, loss and the scars that can only be found on one’s soul. Twin sisters, Mistral and Allie, are raised apart after a devastating loss strips them of their parents. Each travels a separate path: one with pain and battle her constant companion; the other will venture into the realm of magic and healing. Having developed their skills separately, what will happen when their paths once again converge? Darkness rises and angels fall. Lessons are learned about the love you can hold for the family you’ve chosen as opposed to the family you were born to…no matter what race that family comes from. Loyalty is forged in the fires of frantic combat with the denizens of the Underworld while the measures and limits of love are strained to the breaking point. This book tells the story of Mistral—the sister who walks a warrior’s path. It reveals the iron strength of a woman’s heart to triumph over an evil that returns over and over again to strip her of all she loves. Watch as Mistral transforms from a lost child into a fierce woman and desperate protector. When love comes to find her, she will battle it as furiously as the demons sent to capture her and her sister; can this woman of shadows and battle win the most important war of all? Can she learn to let someone in and love again? Come and walk the shadowed and sometimes dangerous path to hidden answers along with Mistral. Open your mind to the magic of ‘what if’ and your heart to a painful journey traveled with a great strength of spirit and determination. Travel with Mistral as she goes off Chasing Shadows.

About the Author

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Maren Meriel McCaffrey

Maren Meriel McCaffrey is a single mother of four boys. She has won numerous awards for speech, composition, essay and poetry competitions. This is her first foray into book length fiction. Even Maren’s life reads like an adventure story as she has been; a professional stunt woman, a lead singer in a rock band, a professional stage and screen actress and many other characters in her time. Based in Ocean Shores, WA at the moment, Maren has traveled as a military spouse to various parts of the country. Washington was ‘home’ however as soon as she stepped foot across the state lines. Much of her time in the state was spent in Olympia, WA, which features prominently in her book. Summer vacation brought this single mom to Ocean Shores and when the waves beckoned her to come and stay, she listened. Two months later she had relocated and settled in happily. She and her family have never looked back. Living with four cats, three very vocal cockatiels and a passel of boys, Maren somehow finds time to write. Her four boys are self-proclaimed as her biggest fans and every page she writes is dedicated to them with all her love. Six more books are forthcoming with the second already written as well as plans for a spin off series and darkly adventurous, post-apocalyptic saga. Keep posted at her author webpage; She loves contact with her readers with bonus points given for fan suggestions and visitors with polished, intelligent British Men for relatives!

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