Martin Stanley

The Hunters

The Hunters by Martin Stanley
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fiction Suspense
For readers of:Ted Lewis, Derek Raymond, Elmore Leonard, Richard Stark
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About the Book

The Stanton brothers have their lives well mapped out. They steal money from villains and give it to… well, themselves. They have it easy. Or they would if it wasn’t for the various scumbags who come at them with fists, knives, guns…

So when a disgruntled woman tells them about a half-million of undeclared cash in her ex-husband’s safe they think they’ve got it made. And when she tells them he runs a regular high-stakes poker game with some of Teesside’s most colourful villains they think they’ve died and gone to Heaven.

But when the job goes wrong, it turns out it’s not Heaven they’re in, but Hell. They’re left hunting the underworld for the money armed only with some well-aimed quips… and knuckledusters… and nailed-spiked baseball bats… oh, and some guns.

It’s time to get back what doesn’t belong to them…

The Hunters is crime fiction with bite. It mixes bone-crunching action with a motley crew of Teesside villains, adds in some healthy doses of bleak black humour and serves it up at a furious pace. It would be criminal to miss it…

About the Author

Martin Stanley was born in Middlesbrough in 1972. He was educated in Teesside and later in Bristol, where he studied graphic design.

He is the author of The Gamblers, a violent crime thriller set in Bristol, and the Stanton brothers' thrillers (The Curious Case of the Missing Moolah, The Green-Eyed Monster, Bone Breakers, and The Hunters). The brothers also appear in Martin's short story collection The Greatest Show in Town. The sequel to The Hunters, The Glasgow Grin, is due to appear later in 2014.

He lives, works and socialises in London, but likes to travel when his meagre salary allows him to.

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