Mike Ducheine

For fans of:The OBAMA Legacy, The People Branch, Israel Can Do No harm

Mike is an MBA graduate of the University of Californiawhose love for reading and writing led him to put a successful business career on hold to go back to school, again, to study journalism and communication.

His first book “The OBAMA Legacy” discusses in great details the difficulty of Obama's presidency and his approach to outwit his opponents in most everything he did.

His second book “Defiant for America” released shortly after takes the reader through the journey which led to Trump’s presidency.

Mike expressed a passion for reading and writing at a very young age. It was

his insatiable thirst for knowledge and his passion for writing which nudged him to pursue a degree in journalism.

Mike spends his spare time publishing opinions on The People Branch blog http://peoplebranch.org, a company he founded. He recently launched “The Writing” (https://writing.peoplebranch.org), a site which promotes writing in the hope of changing the future.

Mike writes to address government wrongdoing and society entrenched bias; he is a fierce enemy of social injustice.

Mike is a guest writer on the Global News Network; he has no allegiance to any Political Party and stands firmly against social Injustice.