James Metelak

For fans of:ts elliot, ee cummings, cd wright, emily dickinson, wb yeats

James Metelak is a poet. His poetry has been published by journals in Oklahoma and Scotland and online at Relevant Magazine. He's also a literature teacher, a youth leader, a singer-songwriter, a wanderer and a photographer. The poems be experimental, yo. Inhabiting a space where allusions to Dostoyevsky, the Backstreet Boys, and intimate conversations have equal footing, some of Mr. Metelak's stated goals are writing poetry that is untranslatable, writing poetry that is fun, and writing poetry that makes normal people and literary critics equally uncomfortable... "Because our lives are mostly an evasion of ourselves." His brain has been invaded by at least four foreign languages that distract him from constructing a normal sentence, and he suffers from chronic culture shock. A graduate of the University of Oklahoma, he currently resides in Kyrgyzstan.