Mik Hetu

Napism.Info - for people who take their naps "religiously"

Napism.Info - for people who take their naps "religiously" by Mik Hetu
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For readers of:The Dalai Lama, Dave Barry, anybody who loves naps
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About the Book

Napism: for those who take their naps "religiously", those who get teased about taking naps, AND those who like to tease others about taking naps . . .

The wisdom of Napfucious and N'apseop's Fables . . . a Napa Sutra (list of napping styles) . . . NapFu . . . clues to identifying a Napist in your family . . . and more!

Note: this is both a book and a website, each with material suited to the medium. For example, the website has FREE downloadable screensavers, a video of an acoustical guitar version of The Napistic Blues, and more.

Sleep: the final frontier. These are the thoughts of the Nap Masters, their continuing mission: to explore strange new dreamworlds; to seek out new nap places, positions, and styles; to boldly nap when and where no one has napped before . . .

About the Author

Mik Hetu lives on a little old Swedish sailboat he completely rebuilt himself, and yes, he does take a nap nearly every day, even if it's only a Practice Nap. He's very good at it, too ("Hell, I've been napping ever since I was a baby!")

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